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The images that appear in this game are copyrighted by Toii Games. The game interface, gameplay elements, music, sound effects are also copyrighted by Toii Games. Changes in gameplay elements, such as regarding size, image, or other adjustments, still are covered by the copyright. If images from the game are used, this must not be for any commercial purpose. 

Terms of Use

Privacy policy covers the app services, as well as Toii Games’ website. This includes regarding registration, orders, membership information, email listed for raffles, name, telephone, other personal information, game records, etc. Browser records may be used when the server scans your information, it may send a message, such as browser requests, the IP address that it connects to, settings, browser type, use time, etc. Cookies may be used when you are on the website, with cookies saved on your computer or other equipment, so as to distinguish your browser, and to save your preferences. 

User Conduct

First, services are provided for individuals and non-profit organizations only. Any unauthorized business activities are forbidden. 

Two, you must abide by the following rules, as well as be responsible for any actions committed using your user name and password. You must agree to not engage in the following behavior:

  1. To transmit or store any libelous, fraudulent, harmful, indecent, sexual, gambling-related, or other illegal messages or information

  2. To transmit any messages or information that infringes upon others’ intellectual property or other rights

  3. To collect emails, addresses, or other personal information without consent

  4. To transmit viruses or other disruptive or destructive data that affects computer systems

  5. To engage in any activity that disrupts services or infringes upon internet etiquette

  6.  To enter this website or related website without authorization or to falsely use another users’ credentials

  7. To send spam, phishing, junk email, advertisements, or other random data

  8. To obtain user information and passwords with improper means and store this information

  9. Other behavior that does not accord to the user agreement


Third, any views or opinions on services are your personal opinion, and Toii Games is not responsible. 

Four, writing or information on this website, whether regarding copyright, trademarks, patent rights, and other intellectual property are protected by law. You are not allowed to reproduce or change the services or content without the prior consent of Toii Games or other legal representatives. 

Copyright by FIFA

Information Sharing Disclosure

The following website will not collect any user information. Unless it has your prior consent, the following website will not reveal your email, name, or phone to any group or individual. However, the following conditions are not within the limits of this: In order to comply with applicable law, statutes, statutory procedures, or in accordance with the legal effects of government requests. This may be to detect, prevent, or resolve fraud, security, or technical issues. This is specified in the terms of service. Your game history records are public information, we may make public leaderboards or other statistical functions based on the game history of players.  

The terms of use may be changed at any time. Changes to privacy rights, content rights, or related information will be publicized on this website after changes. It is your responsibility to read this on your initiative when the changes are publicized on the website or take effect. If you continue to use the services provided, this will be considered the same as agreeing to the changes in the terms of use. 

Court of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

Disputes between you and this website regarding this service, these terms of use, or other related matters shall be handled in accordance with Taiwanese law.


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