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Featured Games

Featured Games

The Bridge Curse 2:

#adventure puzzle #campusurbanlore

College student game tester "Yuan" received a game testing quest. As the level progresses, he slowly approaches the truth of the incident...


Released 2020

Isla Mosa Adventure: Secret of the Southern Capital

#pixel webgame
#historical stories

Players will control the cat protagonist "Hoki" to explore the strange and mysterious southern island Mosa. 


Released 2020

Urban Legend Hunter 2 Double

#LBS Mobile Positioning
#AR Augmented Reality

"Urban Legend Adventure Group 2: Clone" is a thriller puzzle novel game set in a real metropolis. You can experience new features such as real-person voice and real-person performance plots. Visual experience.


Released 2020

Urban Legend Hunter 

#LBS Mobile Positioning #AR Augmented Reality #Text Puzzle Game

You were invited to join a social media app about urban legends and join a group dedicated to researching contemporary Taiwanese urban legends...


Coming Soon


#LBS Mobile Positioning #RPG development

Collect cute little monsters at various attractions in Taiwan, raise your own special pets by traveling around Taiwan, and use special coupons in various business districts and attractions.


Released 2020

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