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Start your adventure in the Southern Capital!

You will play the role of the cat protagonist "Hoki". In order to allow the tribesmen who are drifting on the sea to live permanently in the Southern Capital on Isla Mosa, Hoki assisted the police in collecting clues and investigating the "problematic people" on the island. Reach different endings by submitting different combinations of evidence. 

Game Story

Players control the cat protagonist, "Hoki," originally lived on a small seaside island with just over 10 households. One day, a tsunami struck, forcing the islanders to take a boat and drift at sea. After encountering a storm, they washed up on the mysterious "Isla Mosa" and settled in the "Southern Capital." Hoki hopes the residents of the Southern Capital will accept his tribe, so he agrees to become an informant for the police.

Players explore the island, gather evidence and testimonies, complete tasks for characters, and submit evidence to the police station for different endings. Their secret identity may lead to moral dilemmas. The choices made affect the suspects' fate and Hoki's tribe.


 The secret hidden in the beautiful Island is...


On January 13, 1956, gunfire ended the rebellion at the Green Island Freshman Training Center in Taiwan. Two teachers from Tainan Institute of Technology were among the 14 executed prisoners. Who were they, and why were engineering students and teachers involved in death penalty cases?

In the 1950s, an underground organization of teaching assistants and students existed at Tainan Institute of Technology, now National Cheng Kung University. Dissatisfied with the status quo, they engaged in leftist literature, secret operations, and club organizing. Despite striving for their ideal society, they were successively arrested for suspected involvement in rebellions in 1950 and 1951. Some were even implicated in further insurrections during their incarceration, ultimately facing execution for their actions. They committed crimes and sacrificed their youth.

What is "Ng Sheng Tat Rebellion Case"?

After World War II, the Nationalist Government took control of Taiwan, raising hopes among the Taiwanese for self-governance. However, flawed policies and corruption sparked social issues like provincial conflicts and inflation. Dissatisfaction grew, culminating in the February 28 Incident of 1947, triggered by a minor incident. The government's heavy-handed response led to 38 years of martial law. Despite surface calm, discontent brewed, leading some, including teachers and students from the Provincial Polytechnic, to join underground movements to effect change. Explore further to see how this event ties into the game's characters!


Q&A on similarities and differences between games and historical facts

After reading the above introduction of characters and events, are you more curious about which parts of the game refer to "Ng Sheng Tat Rebellion Case"? Which parts belong to the purely fictitious "Isla Mosa"?


Why "Ng Sheng Tat's Rebellion Case"?
Atmosphere during "White Terror" era?
Find the answer here!


Design concept of "Hoki"?
What is underground organization?
Game's mysterious Easter egg answers!

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