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Toii Games 以實驗技術創造未來性的沈浸遊戲體驗。

我們以各式實驗性技術(AR實境、LBS定位、Google Lens影像辨識等)來創造充滿未來感的創新沈浸遊戲體驗。 自有IP《都市傳說冒險團》已被改編成漫畫、輕小說、並正進行電視與電影劇本改編,我們意欲長久經營此IP的世界觀、懸疑感滿滿的精彩劇情、並發展具魅力的角色經濟與音樂週邊等。

《都市傳說冒險團2:分身》上市榮獲 App Store 的付費遊戲第一名、Google Play 付費第二名的佳績。 我們也樂於與知名的電視、電影、漫畫、小說等 IP 合作,將原創優質內容改編成遊戲,拓展其多媒體發展並觸及更多客群。 我們過往的合作夥伴包括台灣 HTC(元宇宙題材開發)、聯合報系新創加速器、遠傳電信5G加速器、高雄捷運、高雄輪船公司、高雄市政府經發局、基隆市政府文化局、台南市政府文化局、台南孔廟商圈、善化商圈、關子嶺商圈等。

經驗豐富的團隊曾獲美國.紐約市政府市長辦公室資助的 NYC Media Lab青睞,成為加速器企劃成員;亦與日本.福岡市知名購物中心 "博多運河城 (Canal City Hakata)跨國合作;旗下作品《福爾魔獸》系列更獲日本.靜岡鐵道、靜岡瓦斯、靜岡電視三社聯合舉辦的 Starting XI program 新創大賽 "靜鐵獎" 大賞。


About Toii

AR Experience



Meet Us


Allen Yu

Team Lead | CEO

New York-based game designer and developer. He studied game design in New York University, Tisch School of the Arts (Game Center) in New York City, USA. He has created many award-winning games from video games to tabletop games, such as Rising Suns - Shanghai 1937. He is also the Tokyo Game Show scholar of IGDA Japan (International Game Developers Association, the biggest international game developer's association), and invited to Japan in 2014 and 2015.


Yu-Yi Chen

Art Director | CTO

New York-based game designer, sculptor, and illustrator. Born in Taipei City, Taiwan. As a designer with artist background, his design media is also diversity including sculpture, drawing, graphic design, web design, and game design. He completed his master's degree in Design & Technology in Parsons in New York City.


Sara Hou
Operating Manager


New York-based interactive and game developer. He obtained his Masters Degree in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design and also hold a bachelor degree in Computer Science.

Having a scientific and aesthetic mind, he implements technical strategies and design thinkings to creates innovative and creative projects, such as VR and games. He enjoys the dynamics in interactive design process, and hopes to deliver an emotional experience to spectators through his work. 

Ray Hung

Lead Game Developer

Mark Su

Game Developer

A graduate student of Creative Design Management, National Taipei University of Business Institute, and got a bachelor degree in Digital Multimedia Design. He was awarded by 2017-2018 Unreal Engine 4 in Taiwan and honored the "Excellence Award" with members. His expertise are Script C#, Dexep learning and Augmented Reality Game. 

Born in Taipei, Taiwan. Holds a bachelor's degree in Digital Multimedia. Possesses 3-year experience as an e-sports team manager. Successfully supervised " 2020 City Cup for Campus E-sports & Digital TechArt Skills Invitational Competition". Implemented many cooperation cases of "KIRABASE ACG Showcase".

Meet Us



Scott Sillcox

Sports Licensing Consultant

Scott Sillcox is a graduate of Princeton University. From 1993 - 2010 he owned Maple Leaf Productions, a company that specialized in licensed sports products that celebrated the history of uniforms as well as stadiums/ballparks/arenas. Maple Leaf Productions was a licensee of the NFL, MLB, NHL, CFL, and through a related company, NCAA/US colleges. Maple Leaf was licensed by the various leagues to produce a variety of products that were decorated with team logos, team names, and other licensed images.


Kyle Li

Director of Design & Technology, Parsons

Kyle Li is the program director of BFA Design & Technology at Parsons School of Design and an award-winning interaction designer. He has a wide but emerged background in American art history, motion graphics, game design, and physical computing. His body of works and research wraps around playful experiences situated by both physical and digital systems.


Brand Ambassadors


Taihua Wu

An undergraduate student of Foreign Language and Literature department in NCKU. In her last year of college life, she wants to learn as much as she can.


Anita Chen

From National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan, she majors in business administration. From her association experiences, she enjoys communicating with people, facing the challenge, and solving the problem. To know more about marketing, she joined a team as a social media marketer who is responsible for managing the fan page.


Daniel Kao

From National Central University in Taiwan, he majors in management information system. He has a bright and aggressive personality. He works as hard as possible to make substantial contribution to society.

Brand Ambassadors
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