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Urban Legend Hunter

#Adventure #AR

Join a social media app about urban legends and join a group dedicated to researching contemporary Taiwanese urban legends, the “Urban Legend Hunters”. But while doing field research, you unexpectedly find your phone hacked, and suddenly become able to see the supernatural using your phone. Before you know it, you are pulled into a conspiracy about a missing person who disappeared into the otherworld...

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Game Play...

After players download the “Urban Legend Hunters” app and fill out the quiz to get approval to join the group, players will see a simulated social media interface, and be able to interact with other members of the group. Players will be able to send private messages to members, post on the board, and engage in conversations with group members as part of the story.

Moreover, players will need to go outside to designated real-world locations to advance the story and reveal the mysteries of the story. Players will experience a different narrative and see unique dialogue based on choices, which leads to a number of branching endings.

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