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"The Wu Shengda Rebellion Case"

Main characters linked to this event in the game? Map design aspects inspired by past Tainan? Find the answers on this page!


Wu Shengda, from Hunan, faced family hardship after his father's sudden death at nine. Assisted by his uncle, he pursued education. His mother moved between Taiwan and the mainland to care for relatives.

Known for his positive, outgoing nature, Wu Shengda builds strong connections with students and fellow prisoners. He's adept at using his wit to outsmart investigators.

Outside, he's an assistant professor in physics, active in music and drama. Within the organization, he leads Huang Zuquan and Du Cheng, reporting to Xu Jiangxin and Lu Dingnan.


Teacher A Sheng

In the game, Wu Shengda, aka "Teacher Ah Sheng," is found in the school's staff dormitory area. He shows kindness to the protagonist Xiaofu and is dressed like a director to emphasize his love for drama.

Wu Shengda and his group hide banned books and discuss plans in the single faculty dormitory. Students seek out teaching assistants like Wu Shengda there. Eventually, it becomes the site of their arrest. ​——〈Tainan Provincial Institute of Technology Wu Shengda Case Interview Record of Mr. Huang Zuquan〉

Huang Zuquan, born in Shanghai, comes from an artistically talented family affected by the Cultural Revolution. Despite economic hardships during the Sino-Japanese War, he persevered through university.

Emotionally rich, Huang Zuquan contrasts with the more timid and gentle Wu Shengda.


He serves as an assistant professor of architecture outside the organization and is a member of the Drama Research Association. Within the group, he is subordinate to Wu Shengda.

遊戲用動態圖 -小黃.png

Teacher Ah Quan

 "Teacher Ah Quan" (Huang Zuquan) is found in the downtown theater area, closely associated with the protagonist Xiaofu. He wears practical attire, indicating his active participation in rehearsals and stage construction.


Wu Shengda, Huang Zuquan, Du Cheng, and others organized mass activities during the Drama Research Association's performance of "The Imperial Envoy" at the Quancheng Theater.  ——Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Interior "The Wu Shengda Rebellion Case"


Du Cheng, born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, holds a bachelor's degree in engineering from Guanghua University, majoring in mathematics. Despite coming from a wealthy family and ranking second, he moved to Taiwan alone after the war.

Raised in a privileged environment, Du Cheng's optimistic and cheerful personality belies his deep patriotism and willingness to compromise. Outside the organization, he's a member of the Song Society and collaborates with Huang Zuquan in the Drama Research Society. Within the group, he reports to Wu Shengda.

遊戲用動態圖 -小杜.png

​Xiao Cheng

In the game, Du Cheng appears as "Xiao Cheng" in the school area, presenting a drama flyer to the protagonist Xiaofu. He's depicted as a wealthy young master, wearing a suit with slicked-back hair.

Lu Dingnan, Wu Shengda's superior, tasked him and others with surveying nearby barracks and military equipment at the Engineering College to prepare for the arrival of the People's Liberation Army in Taiwan. ——Judgment of the case of "Provincial Engineering College" Wu Shengda and others by the Military Law Office of the Security Command.

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